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silvertreebrands is the leading purpose-driven, direct-to-consumer and niche e-commerce player in South Africa.


Our disruptive fast-growing brand portfolio focuses on UCOOK (craft mealkits and food), SKOON (natural skincare), FAITHFUL TO NATURE (ethical and natural products) and PETHEAVEN (pet e-commerce). We focus on “good for you, good for the planet” premium and sustainable brands with the potential to scale globally. We are firm believers in entrepreneurship and run Silvertree as an owner/operator with the board holding the majority of the share capital.

What we do

we create

Amazing experiences
Our customers enjoy premium products, delivered with passion and precision. We provide personal, artisanal experiences at scale.


Good for you
We guard the health of our customers, and their families (and fur-milies), through a commitment to high quality, natural ingredients, free of compromise.

Good for the planet
We share a responsibility for the health of our planet, through the ingredients we use and how we operate.

Good for all our stakeholders
Our team members, our suppliers, our communities and our shareholders, are all vital for what we do — and we win when they win. We take pride in the impact of our social responsibility campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

Can I join your team?
What career opportunities do you have?

Please see our careers page.
Note that the Silvertree team itself is small. We spend our time in our portfolio brands, and the vast majority of career opportunities are in our brands.

Why did you change your name from Silvertree Holdings?

As we have grown, we believe that “silvertreebrands” better tells the story of what we do: we create and grow brands. We are not an investment or financial holding company; we are a team of purpose-driven, hands-on entrepreneurs, working in our portfolio brands to grow and improve them further.

Do you do new investments?
Will you invest in my venture?

We do limited investments in new portfolio brands. We look for disruptive consumer brands, with strong brands, purpose-driven teams, excellent products or experiences, and ideally good synergies with one or more of our existing brands.

We are most interested in transactions which have a route to majority ownership for us, immediately or over time, and where there is clear value created for the brand, in some way, through joining the Silvertree brand.

We do NOT typically invest in concept or pre-revenue stage businesses, or in business-to-business companies. Profitable companies are preferred, though not required.

To engage, please send a pitch and financial highlights to info@silvertreebrands.com

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