Faithful to Nature is the number one choice for natural products that are good for you and good for the planet.

Organic and

natural store

South Africa’s leading ethical and natural retail brand, Faithful to Nature offers over 11 000 products that are carefully vetted for ingredients and sourcing to be good for you and good for the planet. The business has enjoyed consistently strong growth and customer retention.

Ethical consumerism champion,
specialising in natural and organic products.

The company caters to consumer needs across a broad variety of categories, from food, beauty, health, and lifestyle products, to gardening, pet care, wine, gifts and products for kids. The trusted brand has a world-first strict ingredient policy - absolutely honest ingredient lists that emphasise the natural health and environmental qualities of the product, together with a full product description. Faithful to Nature continues to grow beyond e-commerce, with an offline retail division and own-label portfolio.


To realise a world where the products we consume don’t harm us, our planet or our communities.


To sell the best natural products possible,
To empower conscious consumers,
To behave ethically in all we do,
To innovate relentlessly, and;
To create amazing customer experiences

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